Long Exposure of an Airliner Lifting Off

Looks like Rainbow Road in Mario Kart


Long Exposure of an Airliner Lifting Off

Looks like Rainbow Road in Mario Kart

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i suppose that is the thing about new york. it is always a little more than you had hoped for… other places may give you a sweet and soothing sense of level; but in new york there is always the feeling of something’s going to happen. it isn’t peace. but you know, you do get used to peace, and so quickly. but you never get used to new york. -dorothy parker



Behold the sweet, sticky, deep-fried awesomeness that is the Double Hundred Dozen, for those days when a single dozen doughnuts simply won’t suffice. It’s the the biggest box of doughnuts we’ve ever seen and it was just unveiled in London by Krispy Kreme UK for their new Occasions offering.

The 3.5 m (~11.5 ft) long box contains 2,400 Original Glazed doughnuts. It took eight staff members worked together to fill the box and load it onto the delivery truck. The company is currently holding a contest to celebrate the launch of their large-scale delivery service. One lucky business will win a Double Hundred Dozen. We hope the winners aren’t messy eaters, because that’s how you get ants.

And please, should you dare to order a Double Hundred Dozen doughnuts, please make sure you brush and floss after feasting on all that sugary fried dough.

[via The Telegraph, the Daily Star and Krispy Kreme UK]

Ill have one of these for tomorrows breakfast, thank you. 




Well and now my eyes are leaking…


How does this not have more notes?

welp. I cried. 

When I see something I like while shopping but then check the price tag



25 Totally Acceptable Ways To Respond To Catcallers


6. Take a voodoo doll out of your pocket. Stick a pin through its heart.

8. Turn up the volume on your iPod and gallop away Gangnam style.

13. Start reciting Mel Gibson’s freedom speech from “Braveheart.”

20. Ask for his address. Send him a postcard that says “I’m not here to decorate your fucking world.”

25. Whisper, “Be careful what you say … to ninjas!” Throw down a smoke bomb. Disappear.

I lol-ed.